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John Viola

Operations Manager
John graduated from Algonquin Regional High School in Northboro, MA before graduating from the University of Massachuetts/Fitchbrug State. He has worked at Viola's Fitchburg Tire since 1985. It was a rebuilding situation from the start, but John's tremendous work ethic and managerial skills immediatly had a positive impact on the business. When he first came into the business he wasn't satisfied with several aspects of the business. He decided to start from scratch and only offer services he felt confident were being executed to perfection. As things improved, and as training and certifications were updated, services were added. Today Viola's Fitchburg Tire is a full-service tire and automobile repair facility with John keeping a close eye on the quality of work performed. Within our organization it is well known that John will not accept anything other than a technician's best work and he is never afraid to voice his opinion. So if you see him fighting, remember, he is fighting for YOU. Outside of work John enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. John is also an avid sports fan. "Sports Lunatic" is more appropriate. His favorite team is the Providence College Friars men's basketball team. He is almost as devoted to the Friars as he is his job and family. Unfortunately for John, to say they have been struggling for the last few seasons would be an understatement. Unfortunately for those of us that live and work with John, life can be difficult after a P.C. loss.

Michael Viola

Sales Manager
Mike graduated from St. John's High in Shrewsbury and the University of Massachusetts Amherst before entering his family's business. Although being so directly involved with the shops performance was not part of his initial plan, Mike found it necessary to learn the business from the bottom up. For years he would listen to his father complain about certain technicians and the work being performed. But how can you do anything about it if you don't truly know the business? Today Mike is a technician's worst nightmare. He knows the business and he knows the caliber of work that he wants his shop to produce. And let's face it, technicians are not typically in it for the customer or the business they work for. They are in it for themselves. This why it is priceless to have someone like Mike in your corner. He often interprets a technician's findings, simplifies things and relays to the customer what is really going on with their vehicle. At the same time, Mike uses his 25+ years in the business to examine the accuracy of a technician's findings. Many times a technician will find a grocery list of problems and Mike will dissect and prioritize based on a customer's budget at the time. Other times Mike may not feel comfortable with his staff's diagnosis and will give a referral instead, eliminating the chance of a misdiagnosis. Over the years, Mike's obligations to the business have expanded to sales and marketing and just about anything else that keeps things going smoothly. For this reason Mike has been labeled as the company's "Problem Solver."

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